Senior Pictures

Recently did senior pictures for Izzy. All were shot at Keeneland with the nice fall colors.

Johnny Conqueroo at WRFL Live

Got really lucky and got to shoot the live broadcast of my favorite local band Johnny Conqueroo. If you've never seen them hurry before they hit the big time. This was recorded on May 30, 2018 at the WRFL Radio studio in Lexington. Got lots of good video and WRFL provided the mixed and mastered audio, making for a great video. I used 4 cameras to get all the angles, all in 4k. Man I was glad to get this one done since it ended up taking over 650 gig of hard drive space to edit it in Final Cut Pro X.

Equestrian Event at Masterson Station Park

Went out to the park with the 70-200 G Master to try some different settings for the autofocus on the a7riii. Saw some really talented riders and got a few good shots.

Indianapolis and Chicago Sept. 15th and 16th.

Went to Indy for some classes for work and got some good shots downtown. Then Saturday I drove up to Chicago and saw one of my favorite bands Brand X. On the way back I got some awesome video of the windmills on I65 between Indy and Chicago.

Crave Lexington 2017

Finally got to go to Crave again, now that I'm not working every other weekend like the years before. Had an awesome time, ate some good food, drank a few West 6th IPA's and saw 5 great performances. Driftwood Gypsy, Treyvon King, March Madness Marching Band (not pictured), Johnny Conqueroo and Joslyn & the Sweet Compression.